Who is an honest person

 Why should anyone be honest

If you are also an honest person, then you should know how good it is to be honest, for our society, our society only works with honest people and not with dishonest people. If you are an honest person then you should be proud of it and it is a matter of self-respect that you are an honest person because if we are not honest then there will be dishonesty everywhere in the world. If you think you should have been dishonest, it would be wrong because sincere person is always alive in the world, even after death people remember any person. If you chose the path of dishonesty, then in the future you will Will remember everyone as a bad person and tell that this person was very bad and if you choose the path of honesty, you will remember everyone as a good person. If you think that if there were dishonest people everywhere then there would be fight fights everywhere in the world and everyone would be thirsty for each other's blood, it is because of honest people that this society is going well if dishonest everywhere Had it spread, the generation that would have been your children, and they were also thirsty for each other's blood, then how could you feel, this moment can not be comforting to anyone.

The bigger the dishonest person gets, but he is never happy.

Society is always made with integrity. If you are an honest person, you can make a good society. If you are not an honest person, you can never be a good society. Being honest, you will always feel relaxed in your heart and a person who is not honest can never rest in his heart, he is always upset, honest person is always happy, he is even in two loaves Feels comfortable And if he is a dishonest person, no matter how big a person he becomes, but he never fills his mind, he is always upset and you can never expect that person to be kind to others. The end of such people is always bad. People who are dishonest and who are good are always respected. Even if that person walks away from the world, he is always remembered as a good person in the world.


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