Lies never have a face, anyone can lie.

You can lie comfortably in life, but when the truth comes out, the result is very painful.

It is very easy to lie and everyone knows that you can lie at any time, but when faced with the truth, the results are not good, so we should always try to choose the path of truth, so that We should not face troubles.

Perhaps you will remember that you had studied in school in childhood and you would have read a book in which there was a story of a lion in which a boy used to goat grazing every day and he used to make noise again and again, the lion came, the lion came , But when running to the village boy, he found that no lion had come there.

The villagers started thinking that this boy lies and the villagers made up their mind that now it would make noise and say that if the lion came, we would not go. One day the lion literally arrived and started killing the goats. The boy started making noise that the lion has come, come soon, but the villagers thought that this is fooling everyone, we will not go. And nobody from the village went there, everybody started talking among themselves that it is lying, we should not go there, it is always a business to tell a lie, we will not go there now. And there the boy kept making noise but till the end nobody reached there, all the goats were killed and much damage was done. The boy realized his mistake and understood why the villagers did not come.

So you must have understood that it is always wrong to lie. You must always tell the truth, you can benefit from the truth, but you can always take a loss with a lie. Never support a lie.


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  2. Writing on any subject is not an easy task, when you write on any subject it is very difficult. Anyone who thinks that he will write something easily on any subject, then his thinking is very wrong, I do not know that perhaps those people will have to put so much mind. Whatever you have written in your post, it has been written very beautifully, you are a person writing a good post, the more you are praised, the less it is.


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