Nobody wants to make the same mistake a second time.

 We often make mistakes, it does not mean that we make mistakes intentionally.

In life, any person can make a mistake and there are some people who make the same mistake twice, but no one makes a mistake twice intentionally, there is a reason behind it. Maybe it is possible that you are going for some work and if you get a call for some other important work then you will leave from there, then you may have made a mistake but this mistake you deliberately Did not curry.

Some people may also have their own problems in making mistakes.

Just like there are some people who are weak with brains, we can explain them many times but they keep making mistakes because people are weak with brains. If such a person ever makes a mistake in front of you, then you should not get angry because that person is not intentionally making any mistake, these mistakes are happening to him unknowingly. We should always support such people and try to show them the right direction, guide them and help them as much as possible.

Now we talk about some young children.

You have often noticed that young children make a lot of mistakes when we tell them that you do not have to go out but they also run away. We speak to them that you don't have to be satanic, but I still do satanic. When the teachers inside the school give them to remember, children are not able to remember, they make mistakes again and again but they are children and children are always like this. And the one thing is that if we do not give the child water, who will he do and there will be no fault with the children, we believe that the children intentionally make mistakes but those mistakes are their mischiefs. Children, you should always love them and ignore their mistakes, maintain the same child's mental balance.


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